Technical Information

Average diameter of 1.7nm

or smaller

Stable under extremely high and low temperature

and does not aggregate

Complies with RoHS


Capable of mass producing all kinds

of nano materials for application

DAZZEON technical team was established more than ten years

DAZZEON’s technical team, composed of specialists from the industry and its scholars, was established more than a decade ago. Our “critical technology of size reduction” is an innovation ahead of the time. While others are still experimenting with nano materials, DAZZEON already boasts a revolutionary size reduction technology that maintains silicon nano-clusters at an average diameter of 1.7nm or smaller (composed of dozens of silicon atoms). Our cluster structure remains stable under extremely high and low temperature and does not aggregate. DAZZEON complies with RoHS directives and is capable of mass producing all kinds of nano materials for application.

The size of traditional nano particulate materials is between 80 to 150 nm, but the size of silicon nano particles produced through our “critical technology of size reduction” can be as small as 1.7nm. The two sizes can be compared to the size of a sesame seed and a basketball. When the size of a particle is reduced to 1nm from 100nm, the surface to bulk atoms ratio increases from 0.1% to 99%, increasing activity and producing quantum effects.

Traditional nano chemical coating works by sealing materials with a thick waterproof coating. Although the process leaves a smooth surface and does block ventilation, the interior remains warm. DAZZEON’s refined silicon nanoparticles can impregnate materials, filling in their pores to improve structural defects and enhance original characteristics.

filling in the pores of glass

electronic products with particles to enhance hydrophobicity

acid and alkali resistance

water/moisture proof functions

For example, once the pores of a plastic bottle are filled, oxidation will not happen. The bottle can then be used to store more things and keep things fresh. DAZZEON’s revolutionary technology is “all-pervasive, meticulous, omnipotent, and presents infinite imagination."

DAZZEON particle 1.7nm
Normal particle 150nm

1.7 nm gap with the 150 nm


pieces can be filled

Many companies and individuals are interested in developing nano size reduction technology but very few can persist and succeed. DAZZEON is different. Our success will definitely change the way you see the world and subvert your common sense. We provide the best service and lead the industry through innovation.

Technical Information