Shielder Defense System


Our company supplies a full range of functional materials and they have been implemented into various industries including the Electronics, Defense, Textile, Agriculture, Biotechnology etc.

In defense industry, we have 3 series including, Weave-X for bulletproof, CuTect for cut/ tear/ abrasion resistance and DeShock for impact resistance.

What We Supply
Functional defense
Shock Resistant Material
Kevlar fiber made unidirectional (UD) sheet and Soft Armor Panel

Weave-X, the bulletproof fabric, which can instantly block the tremendous impact and quickly absorb the energy of bullets. This fabric is made by Kevlar fiber with specific UD (unidirectional) technique. The tensile strength of this weaving is 5 times stronger than steel.

Cut/ Tear/ Abrasion Resistant Fabric

CuTect fabric avoids possible injury while short distance attack. It offers an effective, reliable and comfortable shield for body protection. Its performance in cut, tear and abrasion resistance are all beyond the highest level.

Impact Resistant Pad

The material of our impact resistant pad (DeShock-S) is a kind of non-Newtonian fluid which performs strong impact resistance. It is soft and flexible in its normal status, but when on impact, it will lock together and turn solid to absorb impact energy.

Blast Proof Paint

DeShock-R is a blast proof coating. It will turn solid in 1 minute and the curing time is only 24 hours. It can be applied to hard armor/ military vehicles/ blockhouse/ inflatable boats etc. to perform better protection in corrosion/ abrasion resistance and prolong a product’s life cycle.