Message From Chairman


While DAZZEON Technology’s formal establishment was recently completed, we have invested immeasurable time and effort to develop this “critical technology”, refine the original substance, and successfully apply it to a wide variety of materials and processes. As a result, even in high temperatures and mass production, the technology is very stable without condensation concerns present in other solutions.

With the naked eyes, the surface of an ordinary piece of glass looks smooth and even. Under a dynamic light scattering microscope, the glass’ roughness of 2.19nm is clearly visible. In comparison, with nano Shield, the glass becomes amazingly smoother, with a surface roughness of 0.48nm, which is about the size of silicon atoms. The nano Shield doesn’t just coat the surface. Rather, the particles are dispersed throughout the glass, filling in the tiny gaps between the molecules. — the terms we used in science: we are able to fill in the gap between glass molecule.

Chin-Hai Glass manufacturing company is my 1st CEO position. To my knowledge, since the invention of glass, no technology can fill in the gap of the glass’ surface, as DAZZEON “nano Shield" does.

I believe there are a lot of questions about the company as well as other technical questions.

I believe there are a lot of questions about the company as well as other technical questions. Our entire development and application teams composed of total Chinese staff members, who are affiliated with the most prestigious universities and institutions.
This technology, without a doubt, will advance China’s reputation as a technological leader,
and a link to the future.
When quartz and other materials are reduced to such a small size, with the energy enhancement, penetration, and activity also increase the range of available applications, from traditional to high-tech industries. The application of nano Shield is without limitation. As Alibaba Group Chairman Jack Ma said, “small is beautiful." Future competitiveness is no longer about “eating (or diminishing) small." Instead of size, focus on value. As long as the technology is good, there will be a market demand for it. Someone will see the value and will be willing to pay for the commodity.

Proud Critical Technology of Size Reduction

With Dazzeon Technology, the application is limitless. The shield’s thickness is negligible, but the material can be used in many different applications. It’s like having a strong invisible protection, and that is how the slogan “Shield by DAZZEON" was created.


Social Responsibility


Trust and Share
Give Back to Society


Create a Better Living Environment

From the very first day of my involvement, the goal has been that “Key nano refinement technology," produced by the “material" should not be traded without a good cause. It must be used in socially useful ways or for worthy programs such as improving product quality. For me, this is the belief of “public assets."

My idea is very simple

“beneficial to all; leverag the power" to cooperate with major industry; use Dazzeon key technologies to improve quality and create new value; achieve “the principal of mutual benefit.” I always believe that only trust and caring, will win the confidence of others, deliver speed, skill and scale as a result.



Chairman:Thomas Chen