DAZZEON Vita Powder

DAZZEON Plant Essence


The raw materials come from dozens of natural plants, from which natural nutrients such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron and other trace elements and organic nutrients are extracted. DAZZEON’s key nano-refinement technology breaks down natural nutrients into small molecules for easy absorption by animals and plants, helps them absorb various natural trace elements and minerals, improve product quality, drive the pests away, reduce farmer’s cost, and bring greater profit to the farmers.

The entire materials passed the EU ROHS inspection with zero heavy metal and zero plasticizers, which not only reduce the farmer’s use of chemical materials but also maintain the farmer’s health by terminating their use of toxin as a chronic suicidal act without self-awareness.



Improving Crop Quality and Yield

DAZZEON Vita Powder can be applied to improve soil quality, provide rich trace elements and minerals for the crops to absorb, enhance the vitality in crop roots and leaves, improve the crop quality and yield, slow down the aging process, increase the crop storage period, and enhance flavor.


Strong Oxygen and Photo-energy Absorption

With weak acid of pH3.0 and a specific gravity of more than 1.005, DAZZEON Botanical Essence has strong oxygen and photo-energy absorption to increase crop photosynthesis.


Controlling Microbial Proliferation

Controlling the pests and diseases in the soil and leaves, boosting the reproduction of benign microorganisms, and driving away the harmful pests.


Improving Balance Development and Metabolism in Crops

A wide variety of trace elements are provided as a basis on which the crops grow and carry out their life activities, not only to increase the crop yield but also to improve the crop quality.


1. Speeding up the growth of tealeaves and increasing the thickness and production of tealeaves.
2. Increasing the overall and balance development of tealeaves so that the tea tree exhibits great metabolism functions.
3. Improving the tealeaf quality so that the tealeaves are smooth in texture and fragrant in aftertaste.
4. With great insect repellent effect (fire ants, etc.) to control the proliferation of harmful microorganisms (mold and bacteria) and improve the soil quality.
5. With weak acid to absorb oxygen and photo-energy more strongly so that the tealeaf photosynthesis is further improved.

Cultivation Test on Ziyang Tea of Shanxi Province


Cultivation Test on Yerba Mate Tea of Fujian Province


After spraying the botanic essence, we have better yield, higher quality, and greater results in both fresh tealeaves and dried tealeaves.

The result of the tea is sweet in texture, can be brewed for a longer period of time, without bitter flavor, and with great profoundness in taste, which is the most significant by spraying 200 times the botanic essence.


Fruit Trees

1. Improving the sweetness, richness, and texture of the fruits.
2. Increasing the fruit-bearing rate and yield rate to increase the farmers’ income.
3. Increasing the number of harvests and economic value-added, such as tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, etc.

Test Report on Xinjiang Red Dates

Control Group


Experimental Group


Test Report on Xinjiang Pears

Control Group


Experimental Group

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Rice Stalks

1. Increasing the healthy growth, maturity, and yield of the rice stalks (generally with an increase of more than 25% with proper fertilizer application).
2. Improving the completeness and balanced development of the rice stalks so that the rice stalks exhibit great metabolism functions.
3. Raise the rice stalk quality so that the rice stalks are richer and fuller and the rice is even more delicious.
4. With weak acid and strong oxygen and photo-energy absorption to boost the rice stalk photosynthesis.

DAZZEON Demonstration Farm

Since there are no applications of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, the lawn mowing is required for the farm ridges.

Conventional Farming Method

With the applications of chemical fertilizers and herbicides, the farm ridges are obviously free of any weeds.

DAZZEON Demonstration Farm

In July, the rice stalks were infected with leaf-rollers and the conditions were getting worse. Insisting on green and health, we only applied botanic essence for 3 times. After a period of persistence, the pests were killed without the rice stalks infected with brown plant-hoppers.

Conventional Farming Method

As of October, highly toxic pesticides were applied for a total of 4 times. However, the rice stalks were infected with brown plant-hoppers and a vast majority of rice field was yellowing and withering. Consequently, parts of the seriously infected area were cut out.

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1. By spraying the diluted botanic essence on the crops, the crops will have better vitality and higher quality.
2. By spraying the diluted botanic essence on the leaves, the infection with dust mites and other pests can be easily avoided.
3. By adding the botanic essence to the water spraying or water injection into the soil, the highly-concentrated botanic essence can be applied to reduce infection with roundworms and other pests. As the concentration in the soil drops, the benign microorganisms will gradually increase in number.
4. By adding the botanic essence to the water spraying, the roots will have a better development.


The figure on the right shows spinaches grown with the botanical extract. As can be seen, the stems and roots grow in a straight and concentrated manner with the leaves fully unfolded. The figure on the left shows spinaches grown under conventional farming method. As can be seen, the stems and roots are short and dispersed while the leaves are curling on the edge.

Crown Daisy Leaves

The figure on the right shows crown daisy grown with botanical extract. As can be seen, the crown daisy absorbs a wide variety of trace elements and grows faster than the crown daisy that is grown under conventional farming method on the left. The figure on the left shows crown daisy grown under conventional farming methods. As can be seen, the leaves are dispersed and the stems and roots are smaller and thinner.