DAZZEON New Agriculture Launches a New Wave of Green Evolution


In addition to affecting the safety of agricultural products, the excessive use of fertilizers also leaves residues behind which not only cause soil and water pollution but also result in food safety incidents. The balance between pesticide reduction and healthy crop cultivation not only affect food safety incidents but also exert a serious impact on the natural environment and the ecological system in which we live.

Under the combination of DAZZEON core technologies and special farming methods, the eco-friendly approaches will definitely improve the overall productivity at the farm. Through DAZZEON new technologies and new farming methods, the farmers will change their lives for the better, recreate a new value of agriculture and animal husbandry, and redefine the green economy to become the leading brand in the emerging agricultural industry.

Only when there is a healthy land to cultivate will there be any safe crops to eat. Food safety is a national movement and a common responsibility of the whole people. It cares about the safety of fruits and vegetables, the promotion of eco-friendly farming methods, the protection of land and environmental health, and the creation of a safe living and dietary environment in which the safe “farm-to-table" practices are realized.

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DAZZEON Plant Essence

DAZZEON Botanical Essence is a micro-molecular essence extracted by the DAZZEON material refining technology. As the natural botanic extract that contains a wide variety of trace elements, DAZZEON Botanical Essence can be applied as the essential nutrients for the crops to reduce the problem of pesticide abuse. At the same time, DAZZEON Botanical Essence can also be added to the livestock’s drinking water to prevent microbial proliferation within it body.

1. Improve crop quality and yield and make the crop fuller and richer.
2. With strong absorption of oxygen and photo-energy to enhance photosynthesis.
3. Control the microbial proliferation (mold and bacteria).
4. Reduce the odor of the breeding environment, drive the pests away, and prevent diseases and illnesses.

Biochar with High Purity

DAZZEON Vita Powder

Processed and manufactured from the material refinement technology, DAZZEON Vita Powder contains a wide variety of trace elements from natural plant extracts that improve poultry health, enhance immunity, reduce antibiotic abuse, and activate soil so that the trace elements and mineral contained within can be increased significantly.

1. Improve feed quality and save feed cost.
2. Improve meat quality and reduce digestive system-related diseases and illnesses.
3. Replenish the soil that is losing trace elements and minerals.
4. Improve soil quality to boost plant vitality.


Strategic Alliance Demonstration Farm

DAZZEON utilizes new materials, new technologies, and new farming methods developed through key refinement technology to provide guidance and assist in the planning and establishment of demonstration farms. Adhering to the philosophy of “friendly agriculture", we insist on not using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and not changing the traditional farming methods to apply nutritional technology powder, nutritional essence, insect nets and other nanotechnology to solve not only the food safety problems but also the extraction techniques of medicinal plants.