Dazzeon New Agriculture

Launches a New Wave

of Green Evolution

Dazzeon New Agriculture’s features five core competencies, including: DaDau Plant Essence, DaDau Vita Powder, pest control netting, pest control mulch and overhead netting.

These two unique natural resources are sufficient to replenish lost nutrients on the soil, making it an innovative approach to creating a brand new cultivating environment.

As a result, the technology has provided a natural, toxin-free environment for the ecology on farms.

Cultivation Material

DaDau Vita Powder

DaDau Vita Powder is a natural plant extract that is processed by DAZZEON’s “critical technology of size reduction" and has a variety of trace elements.It can provide livestock health, improve immunity, and reduce the abuse of antibiotics.


1. mprove feed quality and save feed costs
2. Improve poultry meat quality and reduce digestive diseases
3. Improve growth efficiency and reduce feed costs
4. Reduce odor and purify culture environment

Planting Materials

DaDau Plant Essence

DaDau Plant Essence is a small molecule extract extracted by DAZZEON’s “critical technology of size reduction".Natural plant extracts with many trace elements,It can provide necessary nutrients for crops and reduce pesticide abuse.


1. Improve crop quality and yield to make crops fuller and fuller
2. Strong absorption of oxygen and light energy to enhance photosynthesis
3. Controlling the reproduction of undesirable microorganisms (molds and bacteria)
4. Growing crop balance and metabolism


Zhejiang Haiyan Demonstration Farm

DAZZEON utilizes new materials, new technologies, and new engineering methods developed through “critical technology of size reduction" to provide guidance and assist in the planning and establishment of demonstration farms. Adhering to the philosophy of “friendly agriculture”, we insist on not using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and not changing the traditional construction methods to apply nutritional technology powder, nutritional essence, insect nets and other nanotechnology to solve food safety problems.