Founding of DAZZEON

DAZZEON is made up of two words—dazzling and lion—that come together to mean flying success, leading technology and sustainable development. DAZZEON prides itself as a pioneer in providing cutting edge technology and is determined to lead the world in a new century of growth!

DAZZEON is a Taiwanese high tech company that specializes in the science of nano size reduction and application. As a company that prioritizes social corporate responsibility, we uphold the principle of “mutual ownership, mutual sharing and mutual benefit” and want to bring this unique experience to the world of technology. We welcome cooperation with all industries to promote a wider range of applications for nano refinement technology. Companies will be able to strengthen their products’ competitiveness through cooperation with us. Interdisciplinary partnership with DAZZEON will also create more value for any industry and bring maximum profit to businesses.

Our Goal

DAZZEON aims to revolutionize the application of nano technology and enhance the value of all derivative products. 2016 is a startup year for DAZZEON. We are proud to showcase our capability to the world and are willing to engage in cross-sector cooperation to create new business models. DAZZEON’s original technology in nano size reduction is definitely a breakthrough change in nano application.

The first part of DAZZEON’s B2B2C marketing campaign focuses on the introduction of the company’s state-of-the-art nano size reduction technology. The introduction is followed by information about DAZZEON’s originality and excellence. We hope that our cutting edge service can be recognized worldwide and that DAZZEON can become a world renowned brand in the next three years.

Our Vision

As we strive to raise business profit, we also understand the importance of corporate social responsibility and the significance of giving back to the community. DAZZEON, a company that emphasizes trust and sharing, is determined to make the world a better and a more creative place through its innovative technology.